40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello moms I ma 33 weeks pregnant I want normal dilvery so what ar the things can I do to have normal dilvery plzz suggests some tips to help me

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Answer: cleaning floor in Indian style means pocha lagana is the best exercise for normal delevery..it will help your cervix to dilated and help baby to moov to the birth canal. With that add one spoon ghee in hot milk and have it every night before sleep. Which will make your labour less painful and your delivery would be much easier and faster.
Answer: Hello Mommy :)
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Question: Hi am 18weeks pregnant ..i want to go for normal delivery..can u plz Tel me some tips due to which I can have a normal dilvery
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few tips of normal delivery Take childbirth education classes Convey your desire of having a normal birth Keep a healthy diet Exercise regularly Let the baby choose the due date Sleep adequately. All the best.
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Question: I want normal delivery so what can i do for normal delivery? Plzz help me
Answer: Hello Dear follow these steps for healthy normal delivery. *Walking and swimming help during pregnancy but nothing beats kegal exercise. Try exercises that strengthen your pelvic and thigh muscles. *Squatting help open the pelvis and get your baby into birthing position, strengthen your leg muscles and help during the labour. *You must do some breathing exercise: breathe from the chest or stomach. Alternate deep and shallow breathing *Stress is common during pregnancy. To remain stress-free, meditat or listen to the music. Avoid negativity. Having a positive support system helps yu lot. *massage helps you deal with labour better and manage stress too. *Having a healthy diet is very important during pregnancy. fruits, vegetables, lean meat, legumes, and dairy. Avoid seafood, sugar and street food. *Hydrate yourself enough. You can even use healthy sports drink to get your daily quota of fluids *gain confidence and process becomes easier. So read, consult doctor and learn about the delivery procedure. *Choose your doctor wisely. Having a doctor who respects your wishes and does the right thing is the one you should consult. Take care
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Question: I want normal delivery so what to do. Give me some idea and tips
Answer: Hi dear To have normal delivery one must be sure of the baby position first.it should be cephalic that is head down.placenta should not be low lying ,your sugar level,amniotic fluid levels and blood pressure should be fine too.try to be as active as possible which helps your pelvic muscles to be flexible which eventually help in pushing baby out vaginally.some sqauts in final trimester would be effective too.keep your self fit .have healthy nutritious diet.practice deep breathing exercises too .it helps you to be calm in labor ....,
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