13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mommies, yesterday I had ultrasound n found that baby is in lower part of uterus. Now how to take care?

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Answer: don't worry just take a proper rest and whenever you walk you should support your lower tummy area with your hands and also start wearing tummy supporting dresses
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Question: How to take care in pregnancy?I am really scared.
Answer: Do not worry dear! Here are some measures you need to take in order to increase your chances of normal delivery U Need to be normal all 9 month,to have a normal delivery. Do not consider yourself as a patient. Just focus on having a healty lifestyle during pregnancy. 1)Have a balanced diet: -Have more of green leafy vegetables -50%of ur plate should contain protein which should be pulses vegetables and fruits -Have 2 to 3 glasses of milk -If you are a non vegetarian than you may have egg, chicken and fish. -If vegetarian,have paneer,tofu,soyabean,rajma,lentils. -Dry fruits should also be included daily. -Avoid excess sugar/oily food/preservatives/frozen food/aerated drinks 2) Have plenty of water around 3 to 4 litres per day. 3) Exercise well-pelvic exercises,breathing exercises(to increase lung capacity)-pranayam,squatting,butterfly exercises are all important to ease normal delivery at the term .Do not have a sedentary life-always be active 4) Have adequate sleep 7-8 hrs per day 5) Maintain good body hygiene 6)Stay happy and positive! Keep yourself free of stress!Trust me this is the most important point. 7)Visit your doctor for regular checkups.Check bp and sugar frequently. 8)Take yor prenatal supplements:iron,folic acid,calcium regularly.
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Question: Is it normal that i have fetus in opposite position .....or i should take some precautions to take care of my baby...
Answer: Dear, I didn't get your word opposite position. Is your baby in breech presentation then yes it is just the opposite presentation of baby. For normal delivery baby should be in cephalic presentation that is head down position. 33 weeks baby moves a lot so baby can change position spontaneously but after that chances of changing in baby's position is less. if you have no complication in your pregnancy when walking for 30 to 45 minutes followed by 10 minutes pelvic tilts, back stretching, and squats can help in baby movement. Also keep yourself well hydrated. Tk care.
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Question: Heya i had my growth scan yesterday..... There is two loops of cord around the neck.... Is there anything I need to take more care of?? Please suggest
Answer: Don't climb stairs and walk slowly plus consult your doctor for more information, you can also check with your physiotherapist
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