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Question: hello LO sleeps in d rocker that too after swinging for half or one hr..some times she sleeps on my lap aftr continuos swing on d lap..does this affects her brain or any kind of damage....?

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Answer: hello.. dear some babies have habit of swinging while sleeping.. if you dont do that baby will not sleep... no problem dear you can swing slowly not to fast.. but try to make sleep her near you or nay bed area..rocker will not comfortable for babies after falling sleep..also slowly change her habit of sleeping
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Question: My baby is 55 days old after massage i feed milk while drinking she sleeps on my lap but when i put her on her bed she does not sleep and whole morning she does not sleep at times is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, I think the milk is not sufficient for her. May be she need ur warm that's y she is sleeping on your lap. Give sufficient milk to her, she will sleep properly. While feeding she is sleeping means try to wake up and again feed, after that you keep on bed. It will sleep, it's normal only
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Question: My baby some times takes only one brest is he getting sufficint milk..he does not sleep on bed ..he sleeps on me taking nipple in mouth..what may be the reson ?
Answer: Hello! At one time baby should be feeding from one breast only, this will ensure that along with foremilk the baby gets hind milk also. As for not sleeping on the bed, baby feels comfortable And the warmth in your lap. Try to lie the baby on bed and support two pillows beneath the legs and feed inlying position. This way you will get rest also and baby will sleep too. Take care
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Question: Hi Mommies & Daddies, my 6 months old baby girl kicks a lot whenever we make her lie down on her back or make her sit on her rocker. She does kicking-stomping like crazy; as if she isn't tired at all or does not feel any pain. Is this normal? Please share your views/experiences. Thanks
Answer: Haha so sweet. It's just a normal way to express her accitivies and get attention. Don't worry. Only make sure, she could not hurt.
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