4 months old baby

Question: Hello mommies... My lil one is 4 months old ..Nowdays her capacity decreases.She only latches milk for 5 to 10mins ..the time gap olso increases.Earlier she use to cry for feed after every 1hour.. what should i do so that she takes my feed properly in a proper interval of time

Answer: Hi! If the weight gain is good along with 6/7 pee count in 24 hrs pls dont worry baby is doing fine, feeding pattern, sleeping pattern are very common to change with time, also check fr baby's activity if all well and meeting milestones, dont worry..Above all hv patiencec this too shall pass. Good luck!
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Question: my baby is 4 weeks old...how many times I wants to feed my baby in day and night time... everyone told me to wait until ur baby cry then only she suck milk properly and her stomach get full...and pls tell is it good to wake my baby at night time for feeding for every 1hour...
Answer: Generally it's advisable to be feed after every two hrs but if baby poop or pee then do feed after that also. Breast milk is easy to digest so baby can feel hungry soon. Yes when baby is under 3 months u need to feed her after every 2hrs during night because they sometime don't wake up due to hunger but they need to get feed at night as their throat may get dry. Slowly gradually they will adjust as per the atmosphere then u will not have to worry to wake her up at night. All the best. For any more query do write again.
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Question: For the past 5 days my 3 and half months old takes only dreamfeed. She never takes feed while awake. Each time i need to make her sleep to feed. She cries as soon as i take her to feed
Answer: Hi Don't worry Kids change as time goes by You'd kid will also leave this habit Try feeding her slowly when she is awake See if she is facing any problems while feeding If there is no issue and she is active don't worry If needed talk to a pediatrician
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Question: my baby is 40 days old , baby needs 12-16 hour sleeps but my baby not sleep properly she sleeps only for 8-10 hours and continuesly crying , i feed her every 1hour she demand feeding continuesly ..please suggest
Answer: You check that your breast milk is sufficient amount for baby. Express the milk into feeding bottle and measure the amount.I think you don't have enough milk, that's the prblm You should increase your breast milk via diet And try formula feeds and also colicaid drpos.
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