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Question: Hello mommies... My baby is 6 months 13 days old should i start giving my baby cerelac...if yes so which one.. m little worried...i give him ragi with apple puree every morning and one day either dal ka paani or khichdi... M worried whether he is getting all nutrition which he should get at this age .. he drinks formula milk... He is not on breat feeling... My milk stopped after 2 months

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Answer: Hello dear... I was also less in breast milk then we switched to formula milk similac IQ + but when my baby was about 5 months.... We started solid to him in the form of puree but now he is 8 months old... We give him cerelac wheat apple, veggies and fruits sometimes grated or puree form,oats, dalia and curd which are full of nutrients, Minerals. So not to worry ūüėägo ahead and let enjoy your baby with food.....
Answer: You can give cerelac rice
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Question: Hello my baby is 7 month 14 days he can't eat any solid food only brestfeeding milk drink so plz help me what can i do i try apple puree , dal , rice, palak puree, cerelac of apple plz help me
Answer: Suru ke 6 month aapke baby ko sirf aur sirf mother feeding chahiye. Kam se Kam 1 saal tak cow milk is not advisable for kids. Formula milk is the good option till 1 year. Uske baad aap slowly solid food introduce kara sakti hain jaise: 1. Daal ka pani 2.coconut water 3. Dahi 4. Vegetables paste 5. Boiled and mashed fruits 6. Manna ragi for bonnie babies. Ragi is really very good for the kids. readymade cerelac is not very healthy for kids. you should give only when you are somewhere outside and only in case of emergency when you cant cook. in india nestle is a popular brand Hope this helps. :)
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Question: My baby is month and 5 days old. From when I can start food to my baby other than breast milk.. nowadays he drinks for one or 2 seconds only. So I'm worried about whether he get proper nutrition ..
Answer: Hi. You can feed bm till 6 months. Mothers are usually recommended to exclusively breastfeed for their baby’s first six months.  After six months, breastmilk alone doesn't provide your baby with enough nutrients, particularly iron, so you will need to gradually introduce other foods. and that's when you have to start with purees and other solids Waiting until six months to introduce your baby to solid food protects your baby's health. It reduces the chance that she will develop allergies or pick up an infection from food.  And that babies stomach don't have the capacity to digest anything else. Baby Is not drinking as Many babies will cry, fuss, pull off the breast, etc. if they need to burp. Try to burp between breasts and after a feeding, It's perfectly normal. Give your baby lots of skin-to-skin contact between feeding Try different feeding positions, as your baby may find some positions more comfortable than others. Try offering your breast when your baby is asleep, or very sleepy Hope this helps
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Question: My baby is of 19 months. He drinks milk most of the time. Sometimes cerelac or dal that too while crying. I am very worried what to do. Roti , paratha one or two bites someday. Please suggest
Answer: Hello dear.. Making children's to eat , is quite tricky task to every mom,this can be overcomed by feeding food in they way he likes.. these are some tips to follow,. Milk is a good source of calcium, they are needed for kids bone health , you can give them as smoothie,milkshake,kheer You can add her favourite fruit with milk and honey, and make smoothie Kheer can be made with carrot, almonds, paneer , just boil milk with almonds ,palm sugar and serve it with topped dry fruits For breakfast , you can make kids favourite recipe like aloo paratha, paneer paratha with little extra butter You can also make sandwiches with more vegetables, You can toast bread with some butter or cheese We can also serve idly ,dosa,roti on their fav shape and colour with veg puree For lunch,we can give curd rice topped with fruits, veg salads, rice can be mixed with any veg poriyal ,can be served with Pappad Eggs can be given as cheeseegg omlete,scrambled eggs,dragon eggs,kids will love it Evening snacks Give them dryfruit shake, groundnut Chikki, makhanas that can be roasted with little ghee,salt,mild pepper powder,it is a healthy snacks option,kids will love it For dinner Chappati,poori, with paneer, mushroom gravy,kids will love those gravies, veg dosa you can add any veg in batter and make, we can use their fav shapes ..
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