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Question: Hello mommies.. I need help! I am 22 week 4days pregnant. When my 21st week started baby started to respond to music. I would play music on my phone and keep the phone on my bump and baby would kick like crazy.. But from last few days he isn't responding to music.. I am so so worried. I hope his hearing sense is good. Did I make him deaf?? 😭😭😭😭😭 can't he hear the music now? Help me please.

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Answer: Hello! It is nothing like that. Sometimes it happens . If during the rest of the day your baby is moving like usual, then there is nothing to worry. Not responding to your music might be due the reason they the baby is sleeping. But if you do not feel the movements in the entire day. Then please immediately consult the doctor. Take care
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    Shona Innam1018 days ago

    Sweety Roy I can feel him kicking all day. But he's not responding to the music like before

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