15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mommies am suffering from lot of back pain and legs pain , because of back pain even I can't sleep during night times even can't stand for few minutes...

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Answer: Hi, back pain and leg cramps Is normal during pregnancy, it is due to raised hormones and could be due to stress and growing uterus stretches ligaments of uterus and abdominal organs and puts pressure on back bone causes pain.start taking proper diet and proper rest.better to maintain good posture, avoid lifting heavy weights ,try to avoid standing for long time.try to sleep on your side not on your back.better to take paracetamol which is safe during pregnancy if you have severe pain.take care
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Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant. From few days I can't sleep properly, please suggest me something.
Answer: Disturbed sleep is very common in pregnancy. I want a drinking more liquid from evening and light a easy to digest food in dinner and make sure to take your dinner with 9-9.30. Then take a night walk for 20 mins. Before bedtime take a warm shower and have a glass of cold or lukewarm milk. Hope this will help you to get better sleep..however with the advancement of pregnancy this problem can increase try to get small dogs at day time to meet your requirement of sleep in a day. Tk care.
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Question: Can't sleep during nights Whole night feeling back pain n left side pain... Anyone hv tips for sleeping without streess and tension
Answer: Take a bath whenever ur going to bed or take hot water bag near ur back or use pillows between ur legs hope this will be helpful u
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Question: I'm suffering from pain in legs and arms during these days specially in morning and at night
Answer: This is very normal dear I have already answered your query as well so please check it once
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