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Question: Hello mommas..my 5.5 old month baby not sleep through out the day specially on bed.her nap is only 15 to 20minutea.if she sleeps i my lap then she aleep longer plz help me out some g od traing for sleep..i m doing good massage also

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Answer: During stage baby feels comfo table only with your touch. I think she is feeling insecure sleeping alone. Try to place pillows near to her so that she feels you are beside her.
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Question: My baby wakes up at 9 am,takes a 30min nap at 11.30 aprx. Sleeps afyer bath for 30mins .Then agn sleeps at 8 pm . I feed her formula at 11-11:30pm ( while sleeping)then wakes up at 5am or 6am . Throughout the day she sleeps very less. How can I make her sleep longer during the day?
Answer: Make her feel more comfortable by keepin her tummy full before sleeping n her bed with soft toys around n let her have a habit of hugging a teddy while sleeping ma elder boy use to sleep as long as i leave him asleep this way....only c to tht she should b comfy no noise or irritation
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