3 months old baby

Question: Hello momies my son is two & half months old from last week he is doing cement like stool why so ? I m giving him iron supplement but from one week I stop giving him but he still do cement like poop?????

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Answer: Hey dearwhite stool might be a sign of a liver or gallbladder problem. Bile is a digestive fluid made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Your baby's stool gets its normal color from the bile as it is excreted during digestion. So consult to ur dr nd give medicine as ur dr suggest u. Try it
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Question: My baby cries but since two days he is crying alot. Nothing console him from crying. Is it because of colic? He didn't pass stool from 3 days
Answer: Hey dear there r so many reason of babies crying as may be due 2 hunger, not wearing proper clothes ,feeling hot or cold. So give bf after 2 2 hours, wear clothes according to weather, room temprature shoukd be normal .if then also baby very it means its due 2 colic or gas then taje warm olive oil nd massage to ur babies tummy in circular motion nd apply hing paste if baby have gas problrm he ll stop crying by his own nd after every feed taje baby in lap untill baby gives burp. Try it . If then also baby is crying consult to ur Dr..dear the baby who s depended on milk nd do one time poop in ten day s completely normal nothing to worry about.give breast milk after two two hours nd after giving feed take baby in lap until baby gives burp. Take warm mustard oil nd massage to ur babies tummy in circular motion too nd do leg cycling. It's hekoful try it .
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Question: Hi my son is 4 months old, he is coughing from last 15 days, m giving him honey with 1 drop of ginger juice still no relief, can u pls.suggest what should I give him
Answer: Stop using home remedies and immediately consult pediatrician dear, he will suggest with coughing syrup which will control baby cough.
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Question: Hi, Is there any one is facing problem with pebbles like 💩 poop?? My son , from last few days he is passing pebbles like poop & it's bit hard... please suggest me some solution. Please 🙏
Answer: Same with my son.Are you giving smashed banana to your baby? I heard that might be one of the reason
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