1 months old baby

Question: Hello mom's. I have 27 days baby boy . He is not taking my feed i tries a lot but he cry for bottle feed plz suggest me wht i do even i try to give feed by using nipple shield . Can i give honey to baby?? How my feed my bm plzz guide me

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Answer: If u have enough breast milk baby would definitely drink and not cry. Try to increase your breastmilk. If you don't have breastmilk start formula milk. Don't introduce bottle too early. Try feeding with Sterling baby feeder. If baby practice with bottle means then it won't have from breast unless it have good flow like bottle
Answer: Honey is not advisable till 12 month.app bm dene Ka try karte rahiye and brestpump use karke app baby ko Apna bm de sakte hai. Hope it helpful.
Answer: Take your breast milk in tumbler and feed him with spoon or bottle, but try to feed him let him suck it.. you can use honey also
Answer: Apply honey in ur nipple try baby to suck
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Question: Plzz help me my baby is not sucking my nipple,by the nipple shield he was taking so by using nipple shield lactation was Decresing what to do I so worried 😢
Answer: Give him some time and be patience. It's s myth that by shield lactation will decrease. Milk production is a reflex action as much as baby latch/sucks milk production will automatically increased. Their are some ayurvedic medicine shatavari powder) and herbs ( peepri) too which can increase breast milk you can try them. There are some home remedies also to increase breast milk which are completely safe and also not load you with extra pound. Try this home remedy, just dry roast cumin seeds ( jeera) till aromatic and crackling sound...let it cool the. grind it to a smooth powder. Add this powder to everything which u eat , daal, sabzi , chaach, raita etc. You can also have it with water , faank kar pani pee lo . It will definitely increase your milk.
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Question: My baby is unsatisfied aftr taking my feed for more than half an hour. I use nipple shield. Then i give bottle. And he gets satisfied. Plz help
Answer: Please few things 1. Give feed on both side for 15 min each aternately at starting, hold ur nipple with ur fingers for supporting ur baby 2. While taking bath rotate your nipples in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 5 min gently 3. Before feeding drink some water 4. Eat more spinach, bread and garlic 5. Drink 3-4 glasses of milk in a day With in 2-3 weeks your problem will be solved
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Question: My baby is sbout 2.5 month...i m using nipple shield.. so now my nipple is in big size.. bt my baby doesn't taking bf without nipple shield ... So wht cn i do for direct bf ??? without nipple shueld
Answer: Hi.. To avoid nipple shield, Immediately before breastfeeding baby, hand express or pump just until let-down and then latch baby on.Ensure baby opens his mouth widely to encourage him to take as much breast tissue into his mouth as possible for a wide, deep latch.
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