1 months old baby

Question: hello... meri baby 1 month ki h. wo rat ko roti bht h nt m 10-2 am tk bilkul b ni soti h or din m. bht km soti h roti rhti h or uski body mrod type leti rhti h. breast feed b bht km krti h.bottle se pi leti h bht presan hu kya kru n plz suggest???

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Answer:  Be patient dear. Till 12 months you will see frequent changes in your baby's sleeping patterns. they wake up  multiple times. cry again and then again sleep. It will last at least till 12 months. It will be fine. Don't worry. feed your baby milk 50-90ml every 2-3 hours and make sure the baby is not hungry.
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Question: Hi moms meri beti 9 days ki h wo din me soti h or sari rat roti h ..din me to soti rhegi feed b nhi leti or rat ko bhut preshan krti h kya kru jisse wo rat ko thode time k lye to so jaye
Answer: Hello new mommy Welcome to motherhood.. Babies are like this only.. but yu can try this.. Get her up in the morning at a normal waking time, rather than letting her sleep in to make up for lost night-time slumber. It may be tempting to let her sleep so you can catch up on sleep yourself but.. Give your baby a simple morning wash and change her out of her night clothes. Play with her as much as you can throughout the day. Even if she's sleeping soundly, wake her for feeds. Keep the curtains open in her room and be your usual noisy self. Don't turn the ringer off the phone or avoid turning on the dishwasher. That way your baby won't become the world's lightest sleeper, and you won't spend the next 10 years tip-toeing around the house when she's in bed. Don't play with her at night. Keep her room dark, with just the minimum amount of light for feeds and nappy changes.  Be quiet and soothing. Move and talk in slow motion. Essentially, be as boring as possible. There's no harm in trying a simple bedtime routine of a bath and massage, or changing her back into night clothes, just as you expect to do when she is older.  Your baby will soon learn that daytime is for fun and night-time is for sleeping. The process may take several days or even up to a few weeks, but if you stick with it, you'll soon have yourself a daytime baby. Take care
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Question: Meri baby jb b jagti h sirf roti h bht kam hota h ki wo khush hoti h Ar uski bht potty hoti h 1st day se hi kbhi creamy hoti h to ni roti but jb runny poo hoti h jhag type bht bht jyda roti h jese chikh chikh ke Mjhe ni smjh aata h me kya karu Me cloth nappy use krti hu hslka sa gila hote hi kpde chnge kr deti hu Cotton se saf krke nariyal tel use krti hu Wo puri puri rat roti rhti h i mean ye hi smjh lo jb b jagti h sirf roti h
Answer: At night please use nappy pads..or diapers.so atleast if she sleeps will not immediately wake up if she is wet. Jhag type poty tab hota hai when she doesn't fully takes your breast feed....only upar upar ka pi leti.give her little time slowly she will settle.dont panic. Check if she is colicky baby....then she will cry full time. Please consult ur doc n give her colic drops....decolic or colicaid.this will help ur baby. Take care
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Question: meri baby girl ek month ki ho gyi.. lekin wo rat ko bahut jyada roti h..or din me soti rhti h..iska kya reason h..
Answer: baby ko din bhar active rakhen... taki raat ko so paye
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