3 months old baby

Question: hello mere gale me daily night me dard hota hai..subah thik ho jata hai..

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Answer: same with me
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    Amit kumar1248 days ago

    same with me

Answer: same with me
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Question: hello mere baby ko subah uthte hi gale me cough ho jata h ...kya kru help me
Answer:       Hi,  you can try this for cold and cough. You can roast ajwain on d tava. Put it in a cloth and give ur lo the sake on d chest, back, palms, feet. U can also keep it near the nose so that ur baby can smell it. Its very effective in d treatment of cold.... boiling garlic cloves in mustard oil and applying it externally on chest and head of baby also helps. kept vaporizer on in the room with tulsi leaves where she sleeps , so that the moisture helps her to breathe and soften her congested nose.... You can give honey. It will help to remove cough. . If Your Baby Is Older Than Ten Months: A 1-inch piece of long pepper A 1-inch piece of Indian ginger or snap ginger 1 betel leaf ¼thtsp of black pepper ½ tsp of jaggery or as per taste 1 glass of water Add all the above ingredients, except the water, in a pestle and mortar, or in a food processor, and crush them to a coarse texture.... Add the water in a pan and put the crushed ingredients in it. Now bring the water to boil and keep boiling it till it reduces to half of the original quantity.... Remove from heat and set it aside to cool.... Once it is warm, strain the water and let your baby sip on it at regular intervals.
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Question: hi , mere pet me dard ho raha hai lekin continous nhi hota thodi thodi der me ek dum se tej dard hota hai fir thik ho jata hai ...aisa kyu ho raha hai
Answer:  when baby is conceived our body goes through various changes. these changes give pain, bulging body and all. As your uterus grows, it displaces your bowel,  Eat more frequent, smaller meals, exercise regularly, get rest, and empty your bladder often. Sometimes as the uterus expand, it stretches the round ligaments--two big ligaments that travel off the front of the uterus and down into the groin. Constipation and gas are, unfortunately, often part of pregnancy. these are main reasons of stomach pain.
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Question: Daily shamse gale me jalan hota hai
Answer: O accidity ke vaje se hota he.... app krupaya jyada katta aur teeka mat kahiye... app sadvik ahar lijiye... aur app nariyal pani pijiye... nimbu pani pijiye...
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