23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, mera 6 month running hai.. Doctor ne kaha I m having low lying placenta which is 59 mm away from internal OS.. Kya mein train travel Kar saki hun?? Koi problem toh nai hai na??

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Answer: low lying placenta is a common complication in pregnancy and usually it goes up after 19 weeks. You need to be careful about your movements ,no stressful work, no travelling, take rest, no relation, lots of water.
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Question: I am having low lying placenta which is 11mm away from internal os. How to cure this? Can this get more low with the increasing time?
Answer: Hello dear. Take rest. Avoid climbing steps and don't lift weights. Proper diet is recommended. It changes with time. Take precautions and avoid intercourse.
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Question: My 25th week is running i have low lying placenta which 2.5cm away from internal os. Is there any issue.? What should i do ?
Answer: Don't worry...I have also same problem.take rest not bend and don't take weight...then my nine month scan it will change ..now no problem therefore take complete rest
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Question: Hai I'm having low lying placenta covering the internal OS...can I take a flight
Answer: Hllo.dear u r 20 weeks pregnant dear dear low lying placenta s acomplication of pregnancy .low lying placenta, occurs when the placenta covers part or all of the cervix during the last months of pregnancy. This condition can cause severe bleeding before or during labor. The placenta is an organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy. This structure provides oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby and removes waste products from your baby's blood.so its nessasary to be a placenta on right place thats why its a complication so u have take rest avoid sex nd take medicine which ur gyno prescribes u dear its a complication u should avoid going in flight .if u have urgent consult to ur gyno nd then go .try it
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Question: Hi, mera anomaly scan report mein likha hai k lower border of placenta is 8 mm away from internal os..... Iska matlab kya hai???
Answer: It means that the Placenta is just little above from the uterus opening which may cause bleeding For this you need to take some precautions Take rest Keep taking progesterone and other medicines if at all you feel abdominal cramps and bleeding then you must visit your gynaecologist Repeat the scan to see to see the status
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