7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello man, my last period date is 27 jan .I want to know whether I'm pregnant or not I have checked vd prega news kit the result was d first line was dark and second was slightly light

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Answer: Yes u r pregnant...If you see two pink lines one at c and another at t that means you are pregnant, i. E result is positive. If you see only one pink line at c that meanstest is negative. If you do not see anyline, it means test is invalid. Either kit has expired, or proper urine sample is not taken. Consult ur doc
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Question: Deley my period 2 days . I check prega news kit one line is dark and one is light
Answer: Hi! Congratulations dear one faint line is also positive and the pregnancy hormone HCG is present in the body, since you have taken the test after 2 days its faint usually you get the proper result after 6-7 days of missing period, i would request you to take the test once again after 4-5 days there are chances of the faint line getting darker. Else you can also get a HCG blood test done to get 100% accurate result. Also as now you have found yourself to be positive please visit your gynae. Good luck!
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Question: I checked my pregnancy through prega news.....but ...it shows (1 line - dark& 2 line -light)... &...my periods date will be 4/3/19..what should i do????
Answer: hi dear! it is still confirmed that there is pregnancy dear. so do a beta hcg test to check for your beta hcg levels dear. and congratulations on the pregnancy . its just that the hcg levels are not so high that a perfect dark line was seen and hence the light line therefore do a serum beta hcg that will let us know the exact value of the beta hcg in the blood. take care dear.
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Question: My last period date was 19th November. Today I'm checked with prega news and its positive. Is I'm a pregnant? Does prega news gives correct result
Answer: Yes dear u r expecting.. Prega news give exact result. So when u enters Ur 9 th week go and consult gynecologist. Congratulations on your pregnancy. If it's useful please mark as helpful
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