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Question: Hello man, I had intercourse on 6th day of my period and from two days I am having breast tenderness is it a sign of pregnancy OR what?

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Answer: I had unprotected sex on next day after my period ended. After 16 days, i got bleeding like period for 7 days. After 31 days from the end of that bleeding i dont have my period yet. I have little pain in my breast. Am i pregnant?
Answer: It is too early to peridct, 10-15 days afyer periods r predicted as most fertile days,try in those days also. Thn wait for missed period n eat healthy food.
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Question: 4 days late period. Breast discomfort from 8 days. Uneasiness from two days. It's a symptoms of pregnancy
Answer: Dear if you are planning for pregnancy then symptoms are indicating chances of pregnancy. better to wait of for 7 to 10 days if you didn't get period by the time they pregnancy test to confirm with very first morning urine. All the best 👍.
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Question: I got my periods on 30th August and m having cycle of 28-30 days...We had unprotected on 5th n 6th day of my periods...And this month my period date was 27th September which is missed...and m having little white discharge from evening of 27th September n 28th September morning...So is it a sign of being pregnant???...Should i go for pregnancy test??
Answer: The possibility is very less that you could be present you should take your pregnancy test after one week not now
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Question: I am having vaginal heaviness and pain from two days only at night is itba sign of labour bcz it pains very heavy but goes off after peeing
Answer: Sometimes it will be there, even I have, drink more water and be careful
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