38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam...today when i m preparing food , there is discharge of little drop of blood can anyone tell me why this happened??

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Answer: Hi Spotting llbe sometime there in pregnancy but as you are near due spotting is not common it is to be concerned immediately..please do consult doctor without delay...take care
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Question: Today there is drop of blood when i urinate i m worried.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear!!! May be urine infection dear Get urine examined Urine infection can be relieved by taking lots of liquids like water coconut water butter milk Feed more frequently Drink more liquids and feed so that the infection is thrown out through urine dear Medicine should be taken as per doctors advice dear If not urine infection do you have any other symptoms dear If you have symptoms consult doctor dear else nothing to worry Take care
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Question: I m 31weeks pregnant. Today I am feeling less movement, could anyone pls tell me why this happened
Answer: Someday baby is active, someday baby is less active and more sleepy My advise to you is to eat a light meal or drink some orange juice or cold water, then sit alone in a quite room and lay still/left side. It is when you feel no movement at all that there is an issue and that is the time when you should alarm your doctor.
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Question: Hi...i m in 5th month today i got white discharge like mucus with small cloth of blood i am so worried pls tell why this happened
Answer: Hello! There could be many reasons for it. But it is better to immediately consult the doctor and report your doctor about it. Also try to be on complete bed rest till further advice from the doctor. Take care
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