2 months old baby

Question: Hello mam, your sessions are very much helpful for us. I daily listen tour session. I have also post review on play store. I have few questions.... 1. My weight has reduced post c section from 66 to 57 kg in 6weeks. Before conceiving i was 55kg. Is there any prob in that much weight loss. My baby is totally on bf. 2. Is Pcv vaccine painful or not. How many days we can delay Pcv 1 for 6 weeks baby. 3.which breast pump is gud. Electric or manual. 3. From when i can travel with train after c section. 4. From when i can climb stairs, use indian toilet, jhukna etc.

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Question: Hello. Can i use post pregnancy belt to reduce my belly size as it is big. My weight is not too much but belly size is big. Its almost 1 yr post c section nd im breast feeding too.plz advice
Answer: Drink warm water with lemon juice n honey first thing in the mrg Have meals at regular intervals of time. Do not sleep immediately after meals. U can do cardio exercises, suryanamaskars, leg rotations, roll over, cycling, lounges, etc. Post 1yr of c section belly does not go away so easily. Apart from exercises u can wear the belt n try
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Question: Hi i had c section 1 month ago..from when should i can drive bike ?
Answer: Hello, even i had c section and I started driving bike after 6 weeks as advised by my gynaecologist
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Question: I had my C section on 12th of December...from when can i start my post natal exercises?
Answer: Walking is the best exercise. You can start it now
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