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Question: hello mam...yesterday evening. i have light bleeding..its before 2day of my period..and after that no bleeding. and not today also..its implement bleeding..or period..

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Answer: hi dear! yes it can be implantation bleeding. so dont worry periods will have a good flow of blood and implantation bleeding will be comparitively less and will last for very few time . take care dear.
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    manju yadav198 days ago

    and mam..2 day before ..i feel some in may lower sight..i text uerine text..its shiw 1 line is dark and 2 is some light..its mean?

Answer: Madam I have to had slight bleeding.. Even am not confirmed mam.. Am confused..
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Question: Hello, yesterday little bleeding and today light bleeding. Is it any problems? And also leg swallow.
Answer: Hello! Bleeding can be due to the implantation of the embryo. It generally happens during the first trimester. But since it could be sign of miscarriage also, it is better to consult the doctor. Also legs swelling is common during pregnancy. It happens due to the excess fluid in the body. Try to keep your legs on a raised platform always when sitting. Drink plenty of fluids. Go for exercise. Take care
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Question: Yesterday night i have intercourse with my hubby 2day evening i got white discharge its normal
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy its better to avoid during sex as it may hurt you baby. But it's true that most of the expectant women experience sexual arousal during pregnancy. Second trimester considered the safest period during pregnancy and you can do sex in this period but be very gentle. Is better to avoid female orgasm as it may cause pelvic muscle contraction and general bleeding. If you are experiencing only white discharge its normal don't worry about it. Take care.
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Question: Hello doctor!!!good evening.m in 7week3days pregnant...i had traveled 7july last last nd and after that had sex also..but i have no pain,no its a safe my baby or not? its my first pregnancy
Answer: If you have any history of miscarriages, then it is not advisable to indulge in sex. There can be some harmful effects of having sex in the first trimister. As the foetus grows, the load on cervix increases. So it's better to avoid having intercourse in first trimister.
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Question: December 24 I had my lost period but today I have light bleeding that is period or peegency symtomos
Answer: Hi Dear! Its periods only wil take some time to establish the flow its normal sometimes and not a very major concern if this is a pattern pls see a Dr. Hope this helps!
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