2 months old baby

Question: Hello mam... Today my child got vaccinated(painless). Now she is 45 days old. How the child will be after vaccination... As my child is very sleepy today...

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Answer: Depends on their activities. Babies will be normal when they are vaccinated if they don't get fever.. Have you given any paracetamol syrup.. Did you check for the fever.
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Question: How to reduce my baby pain, After 1 and half month vaccination for my baby .And how many days the pain will be there for baby?
Answer: Dear after vacination pain nd fever s completely normal dont worry. Give paracetamol as ur dr suggest u nd rub ice cube on injection area twice a day nd give bf after 2 2 hours as ur baby ll f9 in 1 day .try it take care
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Question: My daughter is 5 months and 10 days old. Yesterday she got 14th week vaccination. She is in pain due to vaccination. How can it will reduce??
Answer: Just gently rub that place with ice cubes. You can also use this home remedy. Take some drumstick leaf, keep it in your palms and rub it until it's juice comes out and apply it in that place.
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Question: Today my baby took 6th week painless vaccine. Now that area is swelling and pain also there. He is crying. Pain will go after how many days??
Answer: Dont worry pain nd swelling s common after vacination so dear rub ice cube on affecred area nd givr paracetamol as ur dr suggest u .give nf after 2 2 hours too .nd ur baby ll be f9 within 1 or 2 days .try it
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