37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam pls tell me any cream to remove black spots on my face

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Answer: Hi! This happens due to melanin pigmentation.The lightening usually happens about 3-4 months post partum, and its a very common condition and all pregnant women go through this. Giving few tips you can follow them to get back your original complexion soon; *oil massage and besan to wash insted of soap. *Olive oil or almond oil massage. * Potato peel rub *Try using vitamin c serum everyday and gentle exfoliation twice a week. And always wear good sunscreen while going out Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello mam plz tell me any cream to remove black spots on my fa
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,dark spots on part of body and face is a symptom of pigmentation.this usually happens in pregnancy and the hormones are to be blamed. Do not worry they go off post delivery.pigmentation on face needs to be treated with cucumber face packs.you can grate cucumber and strain the juice out,mix it with multani mitti and apply twice a week. Sandalwood paste would also be beneficial. Potato juice and rubbing slice of tomato could also help in pigmentation. Yogurt with besan can be applied twice a week to the affected area.use suncreen while you step out of house.as sun rays could really harm your skin especially during pregnancy,as skin b comes too sensitive.
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Question: How to remove mosquito spots on my baby face..and that spots are getting black...
Answer: I tried applying a drop of breastmilk and the mosquito bite marks were gone in a day. Coconut oil massage also works.
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Question: Tell me the name of cream to remove pigmentation on face
Answer: Hi. For pigmentation apply pure herbal's toner, serum and face pack. With this you will also need to have 8 glass of water and healthy diet.
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Question: I hv d pigmentation spots on my face. Plz suggest me any cream which is effective.
Answer: Hello, Darling I too have a lot of pigmentation and dark skin during my pregnancy so I know how irritating it can be. you don't worry it's completely normal to get pigmentation during pregnancy because of hormonal changes that are taking place in your body. Don't use any cream because it can make the pigmentation worse so just do some home remedies; 1.Potato can do wonders to your pigmented skin if applied over pigmented skin on a daily basis. You may cut the potato in two pieces and gently rub it on skin or just grate it and squeeze the juice on pigmented skin. You will surely observe the difference. 2. Make a paste of mint leaves using some water. Apply it over the dark spots and rinse off after 15 minutes. Repeat twice or thrice in a week for better results. 3.Add some quantity of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and milk to make a paste. Spread it gently on affected area. Wash after some time. 4. Mashed avocados or its juice if applied on pigmented skin on a regular basis, gives noticeable results 5.Collect some orange peel and crush them to make a powder. Add some amount of raw milk. Apply this paste on the skin and wash after 15-20 minutes. 6. Lemon can be used directly on pigmented skin but only if your skin is okay with it.
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