7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello mam my last LMP is on 29 Jan 2018 but ultrasounds shows no heart beat but to do

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Answer: It's hard time but don't worry it happens with many people. If u r in 8week < more n there is still no heart beat then this is missed abortion but let your dr confirm this. Do as per your dr suggestion. I knw it's hard but it's good for future. All the best dear.
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    Mahak Vaneet Garg1027 days ago


Answer: Wait for another 2 weeks and go for ultrasound again. This early baby is so small many ultrsound are unable to spot. Also in case of delayed conception everything will come normal aafter some time. So wait patiently
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    Mahak Vaneet Garg1028 days ago

    Thanku so much mam

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    Nid Ku1023 days ago

    Hope everthying was ok on ur next scan

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Question: Hello mam.my sis lmp was on 29 jan 19.also shows pregnancy but today scan shows no pregnancy. What is reason behind it
Answer: hi dear! it is very possible to have such a scenario its called missed abortion in this the fetus did not form or has died inside and there can be blood clots or pinkish to red colour discharge if your sis had any of these then it will explain this. if nothing experienced then you must visit your doctor or repeat a scan . take care dear.
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Question: Hello mam. My LMP was 29 jan.. Till date no periods What's should I do? N generally my cycle is 28 to 29 days
Answer: Hello, after 2 weeks of missed period you can have a home pregnancy test. Also if you want to know about the pregnancy earlier you can do a blood hcg test. Hope this helps.
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Question: hi . my last lmp is 13 jan which week we hear heart beat
Answer: hello.. dear generally heart beat starts at 6 weeks itself.. you can ask your doctor in your next visit..enjoy that
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