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Question: Hello mam, my LMP is 7/1/2019 this month my period cyvle is over but has not come.What to do now. I am not prepared to be pregnant and i weigh 75 kg. I don't know why my body is changing like this.Please help me

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Answer: Try home pregnancy test
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Question: Mam I don't know whether I m pregnant or not. How to know this My last period happen at Feb 10 ,2019
Answer: Hi dear if your last month period was on February 10th 2019 and you have not got any periods in the month of March I would suggest you to take a pregnancy test at home around 16th of 17th of March to confirm if you are pregnant or not if two pink lines appear on your test strip it means you have conceived and you are pregnant.. All the best
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Question: My baby weigh 10 kg baby boy...he will be 7 months old after 1 week is it normal 10 kg....
Answer: Parents read a lot about the specifics and details of normal growth in this age group. A full term infant must have an average weight at birth of 3.3 kg or 7 lb 4 oz. With elimination of excess fluids, the weight reduces to almost 10% within the first week of birthand thus must be regained by 2 weeks of age. Bottle-fed infants regain the required birth weight rather sooner than the ones fed by breast milk. In the initial 3 months, infants put on about 1 kg each month. From 3-6 months, weight gain reduces to 1/2 kg/month; from 6-9 months, it becomes 1/3, and for 9-12 months, it settles to 1/4 kg. In full term infants, the birth weight doubles in the 4th month and triples when they reach 12 months of age.
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Question: I m having 7 month baby.... I had a period in 3 Rd month after a delivery... still I m not period... 10 to12 days has passed.... I don't know why... But we don't have Intercourse.... Please suggest me
Answer: When was the last time you had intercourse? What was the date of your periods? Are you breastfeeding since after your delivery or have you stopped breastfeeding or your baby is now not taking the night time feed? It is possible to get pregnant as early as after 3 months of your pregnancy. But do not worry it's very normal to miss your periods because of breastfeeding it is called a lactation amenorrhoea
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