3 years old baby

Question: Hello mam, My girl is of 3year, she is not taking food from 2,3days she is vomiting once in a day or no but by seeing the food also she is doing like 'Yakk' so wat to do? She is not having her favourite food also, so wat to give her? Wen it ll be OK? Plz suggest me mam

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Question: Hi my baby girl is now 8 month Her weight is 6.2 is this normal and also my baby is so lean?? She said not increasing Her weight Wat to do?? She is formula feeding by birth
Answer: Hey don't waste your energy in thinking why your baby isn't chubby. As long as she is active, timely achieving her milestones and is eating well there is nothing to really worry about. Baby’s body structure and fat storage tendency generally depends on parental genes. Many babies can be really chubby whereas certain will have a leaner body. Its just their body type accept it. Overfeeding them or giving lots of ghee, butter etc might trigger child obesity in baby. Let her enjoy being herself. Just turn a deaf ear yo everyone's comments. People will always find fault in your baby. Its your responsibility to divert that negativity and don't let it reach to your baby and even to yourself. Your baby shouldn't be suffering from malnutrition or being underweight as this might hinder her growth. Make sure your baby is having a balanced diet which contains a portion of proteins(meat/lentils ), Cereals, carbs, fruits, vegetables and fats. The frequency of meal should be 5 times a day. A healthy happy active baby is best one can ask for. Stay blessed!
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Question: My baby is doing vomiting.. given her medicine even then she is vomiting.. wat to do.. she is Not eating anything
Answer: When baby is doing vomiting give her Ondem or Emeset medicine 2ml only. After half an hour You can give her every thing like whatever she eats but in the time of half an hour medicine please don't give anything. These are SOS medicine.
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Question: My baby is 6 months 6 days old.. she started to roll from her back to belly by the 5month.. tilll now she is not able to roll back from her belly to back .. she is not interested her belly time hence she crie in 2 mins once she is on her belly.. and also she is not trying to move forward.. i tried to play with her favourite toys.. but no use.. she ll cry in 2 months once she roll from her back to belly.. please suggest some ideas how i can make her practise to roll back from her belly and move forward to get her toys..
Answer: Hi mam! Even my baby had the same problem.. but after few months the problem got solved.. nothing i did specifically..
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