8 months old baby

Question: hello mam,my daughter is 8 months old ..now she is eat cerelac , not homemade food daily 2 times I m giving this n all time I feeding her.when I tried to feeding her homemade food that time she is doing omitting .

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Answer: Introduce food slowly. She is able to digest cerelac which is a good sign that nothing is wrong in her digestive system . Maybe she is just not ready for normal food currently. You can try with just plain cooked rice first. If she vomits that also, then consult her paediatrician. In case she is able to digest homemade rice then continue that for a week and then add moong daal or a single vegetable to it. Just go slow and she will be fine. All the best :)
Answer: 6 to 9 months babies are too small. In this stage babies taste will develop. Before they do not eat solid and don't know about solid food. Now slowly baby will start to eat. Slowly baby's taste will develop. In this age eat him or her only 2 or 3 spoon first and after 2 3 hours feed him or her 2 3 spoon more. Take the help of toys and feed her.
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Question: Readymade cerelac is good for babies??? I m giving her homemade cerelac bt she is not liking its taste.... Can I sometimes give her readymade cerelac?
Answer: Suji aur veggies daal k saath mix kar k soup jaisa khila sakte ho..
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Question: My baby is 6 months old now i started giving her cerelac n other semi solid foods but she is not at all eating
Answer: Hello! Some babies sleep time in accepting solid food and hence you need to give time. If the baby is not taking any food now then stop for few days and then start again after few days. Take care
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Question: Hai my baby is 8 months old. But she is not crawling or sitting and she looks very thin.. i am giving her all homemade foods.
Answer: Please do not worry..all babies are different.may crwal and sit at different time....you are doing nice by feeding home made food..and if ur baby is active then if she is thin no need of worry.. Even my son was thin but very active..
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