7 months old baby

Question: Hello mam .my baby is 7 months now and her weight is 6.4 .is it okay?what should I do to increase her weight

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Answer: Hi dear. if your baby is healthy and active then just don't worry about her wait because weight is not the measurement of health and yes dear your baby's weight is ok and you should start giving the rakhi for is homemade cerelac moong dal rice water mashed banana mashed chikoo, Apple juice pomegranate juice to your baby. You can also give boiled mashed potato.
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    sukanti singh150 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: My baby is 4 months and her weight is 5 kg .so what should I do to increase her weight
Answer: Dear at this stage ur baby is on breastmilk so ur breastmilk is the sole source of all the nutrients for ur baby to make him healthy and helps in growth and devlopment. You need to eat healthy to make sure ur baby is having a healthy breastmilk. Also ur baby would be gaining 450 grams evrry month after birth and if that is happening then there is nothing to worry. Also you can start with massaging ur baby as that not only helps in growth but increases the apetite and improves the digestion. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 8 months old and his weight is 6.5kgs.is it okay? I think he is low weight. What should I do to increase his weight
Answer: I can understand how worried you must be Diet plays a major role in healthy weight gain of baby See that baby gets dairy products such as whole milk, curd, paneer, chess for calcium which is needed for baby bone and teeth All vegetables fruits especially seasonal fruits help a lot in development of baby De worming also helps a lot for healthy weight gain if baby by removing worms Some babies will be lower in weight due to heridetary Nothing to worry as long as baby is active Take care
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Question: Hello Mam, My baby girl is 7 months old now. But her weight is 6 kg only. What should I give her to help her gain weight.
Answer: Hai. Wats ur babys birth weight?u can add ghee in her foods to gain weight fast. Also give banana and nuts
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