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Question: Hello mam. Meri beti hoi thi 21 feb ko us k 4 month bad death hogai due to CHD. Us k bad sy mai bht stress rhne lagi thi doctor ny thyroid test karwaya report ma tsh level 0.14 ara h kya waja h low hojane ki? aue kya yh normal ho jae ga ya muje lifetime medicine leni hogi?

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Question:  Mene first time thyroid test krwya hy. Report shows level 0.14 ml. i am really worrid. Meri first pregnancy ma baby ko congenital heart disease tha. doctor ny is wja sy TSH ka test likh dia tha. Meri beti 4 month bad death hogai thi.
Answer: Hi dear, I am extremely sorry to hear your loss.but stay positive.har pregnancy different hota hain.but stress had healthy pregnancy ki nuksaan pohuncha Sakta hai. Thyroid is an important glad for overall function of our body.during pregnancy it's requirements increases.usually the normal level is 0.4 - 5.5, but pregnant mothers should maintain it below 3. However the new recommendations for tsh levels in pregnancy are the following: First trimester: less than 2.5 Second trimester: 0.2-3.0 Third trimester: 0.3-3.0. Dosage often requires fine-tuning, so continue to check TSH every 4 weeks during the first half of pregnancy.aapke levels Sahi hai, nothing to worry.
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