8 months old baby

Question: Hello mam meri beti 8month 10 days ki h .bo soye hue khansi ker rehi h.m usko kya du.mujhe koi gharelu upaaye batao plzzz

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Answer: Hi mommy,  I know it gets really difficult if baby gets cold and as he/she is so small that we can't give medicines. Some tips I am suggesting hope it will help. Take care! Lots of rest: Fighting an infection takes energy and can wear a child out. When your child's resting, he's healing. And that's exactly what he needs to do. Steamy air: Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. A warm bath is very relaxing, too. Have a humidifier or a cool-mist vaporizer going at night and during naps and playtime in the bedroom. Let a hot shower run for several minutes. Then give your child a warm bath or just sit with her in the steamy bathroom Saline drops and a bulb syringe: Drops clear the nose when kids are too young to blow their nose.Tip your child's head back and squeeze two or three saline drops into each nostril to thin and loosen the mucus. Try to keep his head still afterward for 15 to 30 seconds.Squeeze the bulb of the syringe, then gently insert the rubber tip into his nostril. Gently close off the other nostril with your finger. Slowly release the bulb to collect mucus and saline solution. Remove the syringe and squeeze the bulb to expel the mucus into a tissue. Wipe the syringe and repeat with the other nostril. Repeat procedure if needed. Vapor rubs: Vapor rubs may help kids sleep better at night. Research suggests they make the cold sufferer feel as though she's breathing better by producing a cooling sensation in the nose. You can find vapor rub products made specifically for babies 3 months and older. Natural vapor balms are available, too, if you'd prefer not to use products that contain petroleum or paraben.
Answer: Hello mam, khaasi ke liye aap kuch drops honey ke aur kuch drops ginger ke mix karke baby ko din me in 2 baar de sakte ho. Baby ko warm liquids like soups and besan shira dene se throat warm rahega and jaldi heal hoga.
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Question: Mam meri beti 6 month 18days ki h,usko khansi h bhot ,mujhe b h ,kya kru
Answer: Hi dear, Cold and cough in babies are quite normal as their immune system is still developing.comfort your child by keeping him warm in this changing weather. Make him sip warm fluids through out the day,that will help him to stay warm inside the body and also flush out germs. Massage his feet and palms with warm mustard oil. Steam is an excellent decongestant.put few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and make the child inhale it. You can also make him sip this decoction.boil some water,put few tulsi leaves,cloves,grated ginger,half teaspoon ajwain. Reduce it little,and make him drink 1 table spoon every hour.stop any kind of dairy and fruits at this stage.you can make clear soups for him with crushed pepper. Tomato soup would also be good.as it is rich in vitamin C which would help his immune system to go stronger.add pinch of turmeric in whatever soup you make.its antiinflammatory agent would fight his infection. Viral infections would finish its course by 2 weeks atleast. Sardi-khansi post pregnancy me kaafi normal hai kyunki aapki immune system down ho jaati hai. Apne aap ko garam rakhe.hygeine maintain rakhe. Garam paani pure din me peeti rahiye. Steam kaafi help karega. Paani me eucalyptus oil daal ke steam le. Khoob vitamin C rich fruits Jaise aamla,orange ,mausambi khaye. Black pepper kahne me daalne se immunity badhega. Body ko andar see bhi garam rakhna important hai.jiske liye,tulsi ke paate,ajwain,ginger aur pepper powder paanie ubale.usme thoda honey daalke peeti rahe.isse Aram milega.laoung much me rakhne se khansi me Aram milta hai. You will be fine donot worry.isse baby ko koi harm Nahi hoga.healofy app ko daily follow kare.aapko regularly pregnancy tips aur care ki info isse milti rahegi.baby ki weekly development bhi app ke thrpugh janiye.post delivery tips and baby care ki information bhi available rahegi.
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Question: Meri 8month ki beti ko khansi ho gai h cough bhi ho gaya h so ni pati h kya karon
Answer: Aap baby ko gale par and chest par halke garam mustard oil se malish kar jab a y so jae usse baby ko aram milega. Aap baby ke gale and chest lar vicks bhi laga sakte hai usse bhi baby ko aram milta hai. But dhyan rakhe ki jab baby so jae tabhi kare. Jab baby so jae toh uska head thoda uper kar de pillow se ysse khansi ruk jati hai..
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Question: hello meri beti 15 din ki h .usko sisi se milk pila skte h ...plzzz reply
Answer: No..pehle 3mahine ma doodh hi jaruri hota hai maa ke liye bhi n bacche le liye bhi.abhi bacche koi koi dusra chiz nahi de sakte
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