10 weeks pregnant mother

Hello mam, im 8 week pregnant ..v did intimate .. afterward thick blood cmg..anything serious

U shouldn't till 7th month for being safe.. Consult local doc to c everything is fine if still bleeding
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Question: Im 8 week pregnant.. Can i use v wash???? as a intimate wash..,is it safe mam during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear my doctor told me not to use intimate wash during pregnancy ss it ca. Affect the ph balance of vagina duri g pregnancy time. U can use any mild and soft fragrance soap to clean that area. Also keep it clean and dry. Use cotton lingeries .
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Question: m 8 week pregnent..yesterday night suddenly found blood spot and clot..is anything serious
Answer: Hello Many women bleed till their 12 weeks dis happened due to implantation of the egg on to the uterus lining. This happens at the time of ur mensuration. U may want to talk to ur doctor abt the spotting and bleeding if it happens in excess it could be a scource of concern. Hope I helped
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Question: Hello I'm 39 week pregnant, suffering from cold since last week.today i have blood in bulgum.is there anything serious???
Answer: Hi dear, Viral infections are quite normal during pregnancy. As the body's immune system dips to support the baby,mothers do catch cold quite often .try to stay warm.keep sipping warm water through out the day. Steaming helps to clearing nasal congestion. Boil tulsi leaves,with crushed pepper,ajwain and grated ginger.keep sipping this for relief.eucalyptus oil inhaling could give relief too.bloody phlegm could be due to irritation in nasal passage.dnt force hard to blow nose and also if you have cough your throat could also have bruised. Mild blood in phlegm is normal.
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