7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam im 7 weeks pregnant...my serum Tsh is 3.1 is it normal

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Answer: Hi dear in first trimester serum TSH level less than two considered from money and your TSH level is little harder than that which can create complication. You need to consult your doctor and if needed you doctor will give medication. Eat healthy and nutritious diet but I had cruciferous vegetables like radish cabbage cauliflower broccoli spinach etc. Hope it will be helpful for you and if yes then please mark helpful.
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Question: Hello mam...i am 9 weeks pregnant ...my TSH is 3.41 ...Is it normal or not ??
Answer: Hi in first trimester of pregnancy ur tsh must be less than 2.5 and 3.41 is high as per average. Take less salt and don't Miss ur medicine. Stay active and take healthy diet. Imbalanced tsh ca. Even led to miscarriage.
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Question: Hello mam, im 22 weeks pregnant i have more leakage in my breast. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, it is normal, it is known as colostrum, preparing your body for child birth and lactation
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Question: Hello mam....now im 22 weeks pregnant and my carvical length is 2.9cm is it normal
Answer: ideal cervical length should be 3.5 CM but don't worry Please take rest avoid excessive bending avoid lifting heavy objects continue taking your medicines So you need to be monitored frequently for the length of the cervix that is uterus opening.If the cervical length remain same, then no worries.and if you notice abdominal cramps please consult your doctor immediately
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