22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam...I'm 22week's pregnant..my water level is quite low..is there any problem...

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Answer: Hello dear... Normal amniotic fluid in pregnancy is 8-18 cm, it is essential to maintain stable value for smoith and safe delivery,follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Drink 2-3 litre of water a day Include water rich fruits and veggies Have coconut water, buttermilk will be helpful Always lie on left side
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Question: hello ,I'm 4 month pregnant, my hemoglobin is 9.2... how to increase hemoglobin level... if my hemoglobin is low there is any problem for baby...
Answer: while delivering baby it can be have issue take beetroot ,anar tamoto juices it will increase dnt wry
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Question: Hello doctor i am 31 week pregnant in my sonography water level is 19cm that doctor said water level is more is there creat any. Problem
Answer: Hello dear, An amniotic fluid level between 8-18 is considered normal. Mediam amniotic fluid  level is approximately 14, from week 20 to week 35,  The exact number can vary by gestational age. excess amniotic fluid, risk of the following complications is increased: Preterm contractions and possibly preterm labor.. Excessive and rapid weight gain. ... A rapid increase in the mother's abdominal size and increasing discomfort. Swelling of the legs, and generalized body swelling. A slowing down of foetal movements. Breathlessness. Take care urself... 
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Question: Hi mam I'm 9 month pregnant in my recent scan my water level is 9 point.... Is it low??? Somebody telling it is very low.... I'm confised
Answer: Hii..anything btwn 8 to 18 is fine da.. BT u need to increase ur level atlst to 10 or 12 ..so have and include water based vegetables like cucumber chow chow bottle guard pumpkin and fruits like oranges muskmelon mosumbi watermelon tender coconut ..this will impact AFI level
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