18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam. I'm five month pregnant but still my breast size is not increase.is it normal or not?

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Answer: Hi Yes it is normal Your breast size has nothing to do with milk production the milk glands beneath it are responsible for milk production Don't worry some feel the changes in 9 th month or just after delivery
Answer: Yes breast size mostly increases once its filled with milk. Your breast can form colostrum now but not milk.
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Question: Hi mam,I'm 7th month pregnant,but my belly size is only 38cm,is it ok or not?
Answer: Hello mam..baby weight is important my the belly size..if your baby weight is normal to then no need to worry..
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Question: I m 9th week pregnant but still my breast size is not increasing. Why?
Answer: Hi. Breast size increase is nit mandatory in pregnancy dear. My increased once i started producing milk, so it mat happen after delivery or may happen in 3rd trimester. . So dont worry. Just have healthy food and stay active.
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Question: Mam I'm five months pregnant can I have sex it is safe or not
Answer: Hi dear,if you don't have any complications in your pregnancy you can,take care
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