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Question: hello mam i jst had my hcg blood test yesterday it was positive 49.8... but today morning i m having little bleeding but now it has increased...plz tell me have i undergone miscarriage??

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Answer: Little bleeding or blood spotting is common during first trimester so you don't have to worry incase if you have got heavy bleed or your spotting is not reducing day by day then consult your doctor she will prescribe you tablets to stop bleeding.
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Question: My test positive, but now, means today morning i had bleeding, is this periods?
Answer: Hello! It could be due to implantation of the embryo also. But better to inform the doctor as sometimes it is early sign of miscarriage and taking care of it now will avoid any such complications. Take care
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Question: Today in the morning I got a positive pregnancy test result but now I'm bleeding. Is it possible?
Answer: Please consult doctor. Spotting is normal but bleeding is not normal
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Question: Mam... Yesterday i had done pregnancy test in home which was positive... Bt today again i was jst checking .. it shows me negative... I dont understand which was right
Answer: Then you go for blood test it will give u definite answer regarding ur pregnancy.
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Question: mam my last period was at 31st August. till today morning no bleeding was there. but today afternoon little red blood came with white discharge. and now again no blood is coming what does it mean. pls. reply mam
Answer: Pls take a pregnancy test
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