30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam I I'm getting sharp pain in right side of lower abdomen is anything serious

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Answer: Hi, this is common in pregnancy don't worry. Your growing uterus puts pressure on the abdomen. this causes pain in the abdomen. Take jeera water to avoid gas, bloating and constipation. Take a balanced diet. Include fruits, veggies, spinach regularly. Drink plenty of water.
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Question: I'm having sharp abdomen pain on either sides of lower abdomen is this normal or serious
Answer: Its common during pregancy dnt wry and take rest it will be fine
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Question: Im getting sharp pain in right side of lower abdomen.... Y so
Answer: Hi dear, Round ligament pain can be concerning and uncomfortable. But it is considered normal as your body changes during pregnancy. The symptoms of round ligament pain include a sharp, sudden spasm in the belly. It usually affects the right side, but it may happen on both sides.... Avoid movements that make the ligament painworse, such as reaching or stretching too far. Change positions. Try flexing your knees toward your stomach, or lying on your side with one pillow under your belly for support and another pillow between your legs. Slow down.
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Question: Continuously light pain both side in the lower part of my abdomen is that anything serious?
Answer: Dear although mild stomach pain is normal during pregnancy but if it is constant then its something that should be consulted and checked by doctor. So as of now just take proper bedrest and then visit your doctor and get it checked.
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