2 years old baby

Question: Hello mam, I have got this pimple type of thing in my lips corner, I am not even able to open my mouth properly, it pains, do know what is this. It is 4 dyas but not getting better.

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Answer: Hey, looks like you have got cold sores. They are actually viral infections that show up after a fever. Did you have fever recently? They generally it develop in the lip lines or the corner side of the lip. I can understand that it may make it difficult for you to open your mouth. I often get this cold sore after a fever. I don't think you need to worry at all about the cold sores. they are common and happen to many people. Cold sores sometimes cause headache and make you feel tired too. In case you are too disturbed you can visit a doctor especially if you are facing these symptoms; Your immune system is very weak The cold sores do not get better on their own within two weeks The sores are spreading fast You are facing eye irritation You are getting sores back to back
Answer: No worries. I think you have got chapped lips .It is due to little humidity in the winter. It happens because our lips do not have oil glands and due to exposure of lips to sun in winter it causes dry and chapped lips. You should use Boroplus or Lipbam and use it in night frequently it will heal your lips sooner.
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