6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam, I am 6 weeks pregnant. I constantly feel bloated. Also kindly tell me about the exercises that I can do in the first trimester. And any precautions that I must take during this period.

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Answer: Hello dear, Congrats, you are pregnant. The first thing you have to do.....Always consult a good doctor and have your prenatal check-ups done routinely. If you find that your doctor is not responding properly to you, do not hesitate and seek out for another cooperative doctor to help you out during your pregnancy. If you are too nauseous, Your doctor may suggest that you go for a mineral and vitamin supplement along with your regular food, that are important during pregnancy....Smoking and Caffeine consumption, can  increased the risk of several birth defects and premature birth. Hot tubs and saunas must be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy.  Avoid consuming fish during your first trimester. Make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin D from foods like egg yolks, fortified milk and some exposure to sunlight. Take iron and folic acid supplements as prescribed by your doctor.... Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids by adding more nuts to your diet.  Apart from following these precautions make sure you get all your routine tests done to monitor your baby’s progress....along with 8 to 10 glass water is important for drinking and 8 hours sleep at night in also cumpulsary.  Hope it helped.... Take care urself....  
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    Kanika Parmar118 days ago

    Thanks for the reply. :)

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Answer: Hi,don't get confused. Just do what your doctor says ,because everyone have different body condition. So,just relax and enjoy your pregrancy.
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Answer: Always check with your healthcare provider before starting, continuing, or changing an exercise routine. If you exercised regularly before getting pregnant and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you can probably continue working out as before, with a few modifications.However, in some cases it's not okay to exercise during pregnancy, so talk to your provider about your fitness routine to make sure your activities don't put you or your baby at risk.
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