24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam, i am 23 week pregnant and i jv done my gct but the values are above normal which are 190 mg/dL plz guide me to cure my gestational diabetes.

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Answer: hi dear! so yes its more than normal dear. and you will definately need medicine dear. you will have to meet your doctor for that as according to weight and level of the sugar medicine has to be decided dear. also you will have to stop eating sugar , gud(jaggery) and honey and also reduce the intake of rice and potatoes dear. also no mithais or ladoos or biscuits dear. they all contain sugar dear.and after every 3-4 weeks you will have to check for your blood sugar again and accordingly the dosage will be adjusted dear. take care dear.
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    Dr Swati Rana25 days ago

    Thank u so much mam

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Question: Iam 23 week pregenant and now in my 24th week, values of my GCT is 190 mg/dL , now plz guide me , how to cure my gestaional diabetes
Answer: It is very high. U can follow diet fir 2 weeks n then again check, n still if it's high then doctor will put u on insulin. U can follow diet. Avoid eating oily food,junk food, packed food n bakery products. Don't take juices and sweet fruits like banana, oranges, grapes. And avoid rice as well Take as much as fiber n protein rich diet. Don't eat chapati of normal flour. Mix channa aata n soyabean aata in the wheat flour n then make a chapati of that. U can eat fruits like guava ,apple. N only take 200-300gm of fruit serving in a day. Drink butter milk n u can have curd also. N walk for at least 40-50 mins in a day. Avoid sugar. Follow this for 2 weeks n then again check ur sugar level.
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Question: My gct value is 137mg/dl and doppler scan impression polyhydraminosis...is it gestational diabetes..i am so much worried... Pls answer me
Answer: I will advise you to see dr again today And start metformin if they approve. Also ask the level of your polyhydro Do not worry if mild polyhydro it is manageable. Hb1ac test is important it tells about sugar control. And a charting of sugar pattern Gestational diabetes should be treated with mild doses.
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Question: Hi, l am pregnant with 6 month, yesterday gct test done and value is 75 mg/dl, it are normal?
Answer: glucose level below 140mg/dl is normal.
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