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Question: Hello mam, i am trying to conceive more than 4 months.. age 27.. in previous month my period was late by 20 days then i tested my prolactin level is so high and doctor ask to take medicine.. now iam trying to conceive but not getting pregnant? What should i do mam.. plss reply

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Answer: Hi . First of all don’t loose hope, don’t be negative. All will be good. Secondly download period tracker app so that you can track your ovulation period. Ovulation period is the best to try for pregnancy as that time your body produces eggs for fertilisation. Don’t get intimate with the thought of that you are doing or trying to conceive. As it put pressure both emotionally and physically. It’s for both of you: your husband and you. Do it for love. That will definitely connect somewhere someday. Both of you maintain your health. Go for routine medical check up like thyroid, BP, HB, Sugar etc. now a days there are many labs who offers attractive packages for routine tests. Go for morning and evening walk. Have healthy diet. Fruits are must. Milk twice a day. Pulses and veggies more than chapati. Don’t have papaya and pineapple while trying to conceive. You can have folic acid tablets as it soothes the uterus and helps in maintaining pregnancy. It doesn’t have any side effects. Think positive and be optimistic. Ignore the people’s who gives you negative vibes. Don’t bother for anything. You can check your pregnancy with home pregnancy test kit at home. If that will be positive then go for urine test just to avoid false results. You will get the report with in 3-4 hours. After that start consulting gynaecologist immediately. Don’t worry you will sooner get your bundle of joy. All the very best.
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Question: Mam i have pcod iam trying to conceive ..iam consulting doctor and using medicine nw iam using progesterone tablets and how many days it will take to conceive
Answer: Hi Dear! I understand your anxiety completely, its good that you already under medication, its not really easy to predict the timeframe of conception, it depends, but i would suggest you to not think about it much and try to be stressfree. Trust me I had pcod and conceived naturally. A good diet and exercise would help you. Consult a nutritionist does help. Exercise or yoga helps; also cut down on sugar, refined and processed food, alcohol and caffeine. My doc prescribed diet changes and exercise. So I exercise for 25 to 30 minutes 6 days a week. I cut down majorly on all carbs, upped my protein, veggie and fruit intake. Also have cut way back on dairy. My energy had come back tremendously,but even starting with brisk walking everyday will benefit your energy levels. Eat green raw veggies as salad, fruits which are less sweet (avoid mango, banana, grapes etc) avoid processed food, maida, ( bhaturas, pizza, burger, Chinese) white rice, airated drinks, sugar should be avoided as much as you can focus more on organic food of you are non vegetarian than try having organic as hormones in Chicken can add on to the trouble and most importantly brisk walk everyday for at least 45 min to 1 hour. PCOS cannot be cured but you can handle it and control it to great extend with clean eating and exercise. All the best!
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Question: My prolactin level is 31.19 is it high prolactin level ? I am trying to conceive then will it affect my chances of getting pregnant. My thyroid level is normal and also I have regular period. PLZ REPLY MAM.
Answer: Hi Dear! 2-29 ng/ml is a normal level of prolactin for a non pregnant women now if it is 30 1.19 in your case it is slightly elevated there is no major problem which should happen in conception if your periods are regular and your thyroid is also fine however for this slight increase of prolactin you can reports to your doctor and it will be your doctors call that's to provide you or suggest you any kind of medication to lower the current level Hope this helps ..
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Question: Hi mam my 1st baby is through iui and my age is 27+. I just want to ask can I conceive normally for the 2nd one?
Answer: It depends on yours and ur husband's medical condition
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