19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam, i am feeling some dizziness and head pain..i m at 19 weeks pregnant

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Answer: Hello! it is normal..you may experience it throughout pregnancy..i m giving u some helpful suggestions Avoid standing for long time..while standing keep your feets moving..get up slowly..eat regularly..avoid lying on back..wear loose n comfortble clothes n specially avoid hot baths Hope it will help you
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    Mahandule Geet772 days ago

    Thnq u soo much

Answer: Having some snack should help...
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Question: Hello mam, I am 9 weeks pregnant, from 2nd month am having severe head pain why? & some times dizziness I can't bear the head pain... Should I consult Dr?
Answer: Hi dear Head ache causes due to lack of oxygen and stress in you..drink water as much you can and relax yourself and take a bowl of warm water and keeo your foots in it as it helps to maintain oxygen supply in you and also relieves from stress.. And for loose motion take tender coconut and little amount of sweets..it ll control loose motion and dehydration
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Question: I m 19 weeks pregnant and suffering from vertigo and dizziness. What should i do
Answer: Hello! At 19 weeks it is common to feel a little dizzy. However what about your BP? is it on a lower side? Do you have any vertigo history ? Also do you feel dizzy all the time or during movement or while standing from a sitting position?
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Question: i m 33 weeks pregnant..i m feeling dizziness
Answer: Hi dear, Dizzyness in pregnancy is common.it could be very normal.maximum blood flow is to the uterus and less to the other parts of body.some also complain of numbness in fingers.low blood supply to brain could cause dizzyness.thanks to the pregnancy hormones.low BP could also cause dizzyness.keep drinking plenty of water as dehydration can lead to dizzyness.always sleep on your sides and never on your back.aleeping on your back could cause dizzyness by pressing the spinal nerve.hope your sugar levels are fine.keep eating smaller meals in frequent intervals to maintain your sugar levels.increased body weight makes one imbalanced too.take rest whenever you feel dizzy.
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