18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello mam i am 18 weeks pregnent i m woried about frackles on my face and nose plz tell me what i do ???

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Answer: Do not scaratch your skin with your finger nails even your belly area no matter what...and do not worry it will go on its own after delivery
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Question: I have lower placentia what should i do tell me about it ..m 18 weeks pregnant
Answer: You have not mention how far it is from the opening of the uterus anyways if it is a low lying placenta you need to take some precautions as there are chances of bleeding in these cases Take complete bed rest with leg end raised Avoid intercourse, physical exertion Continue taking progesterone tablets Don't worry it will migrate up with the growth of the uterus repeat the scan to see the status of Placenta, and if there is any episode of bleeding please consult your doctor immediately
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Question: I'm 18 weeks pregnent. What should i eat? Tell me about child's growth and for healthy and whiteness.
Answer: .Take food rich in fiber-green leafy vegetables like fenugreek,spinach,apple,pear,banan,whole grains-raag,bajra,a lot of salads.Reduce white rice,maida,bread,fod with high suar,deep fried food.Protein intake should be high-chicken,egg,fish,paneer,tofu,soyabean,kidney beans.Food with high zinc and calcium should be added as well-kale, yoghurt, cheese, milk, dairy, lentils, peas, beans, chickpea etc.
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Question: melasma on my face and nose so what i do plz reply
Answer: It is very common..in pregnancy. You can use lemon juice with besan (gram flour) and apply on your neck and face..it slowly removes melasma..leaving beautiful bright skin. I have done it. If you find my ans as helpful..please mark as helpful.
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