17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam , as i was paining i consulted with the doctor. She said i have low lying placenta but not previa. Earlier my cervix length was low 2.9 one month back. But it came to 3.7. It that all ok mam.

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Answer: Don't get stressed out. Avoid overnight bus journeys and excessive travel. Walk gently eat meanly and sleep on back position.
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Question: How i came to know if i have low lying placenta as i had brown discharge with urine is it a sign of low lying placenta
Answer: Hi. Spotting in first trimester is normal, but if its fresh blood and bleeding renains more than 4-5 days than its not normal.and needs medical attnetion.
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Question: hello ...yesterday i have undergone tiffa scan .... it was noticed as placent - anterior.,when i asked doctor she said that placenta is lying low...can u plz explain me this....is there any problem with low lying placenta.. im worried
Answer: His,if there is a low lying placenta,you need to take precautions,you should avoid bending or lifting anything heavy or doing stranious activities,or walks,you should tka e good rest in order to avoid complications and bleeding.
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Question: Is there any precautions need to take with anterior palcenta...as it was low lying earlier bt now my 5th month starttd nd its anterior not low lying.....
Answer: Hello dear, Placenta typically attach themselves in the back/posterior of the uterus, but when your placenta is anterior, it is right up front. placenta can also attach on the sides and top of the uterus..  Having an anterior placenta shouldn't cause you or your baby any problems. Just over half of mums-to-be have an anterior placenta. If no low lying now, then no worries, still you should avoid heavy lifting, jerky ride, just for safety. Take care urself....
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Question: Hi mam first I had low lying placenta previa bt nw no placenta previa is there so if working so much can it again happened low lying mam please tel me.
Answer: Dear, Placenta is not low lying is a good news, still you need to be careful every time. It just little up, not completely. Still it is considered in risky zone. So avoid too much work.
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