6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello mam as i told earlier m.still having bleeding bt light nd brownish in colour ...my doc.gave me some kimd of injection now what shld i do....is it a sign of miscarriage m.very worried

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Answer: Hello dear. If it was a miscarriage it would mean you will get a heavy bleeding with clots and severe stomach and pelvic pain. Mild bleeding is a complication and hence your gynae has prescribed medicine. Do as your gynae says and if the bleeding continues or increases report it to your gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: i noticed some brownish colour bleeding in my 7 weeks of pregnancy...is it miscarriage????
Answer: No , spotting is normal in pregnancy but do confirm ur dr immediately .. if any pblm persists
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Question: Am in 6th week pregnancy and i got light bleeding is it a sign of miscarriage
Answer: We can tel dat, need to check bleeding how it is,, is it heavy are like spotting if it is heavy better to consult doctor as soon as possible
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Question: Is loss of constipation is sign of nissed miscarriage?? Earlier i was having constipation but now i dont have.
Answer: Hello dear... constipation or loose motion both are dangerous for pregnancy..so you should be careful in your diet during pregnancy... constipation doesn't mean miscarriage if continued it can be harmful for baby..its good you are fine now and in future be careful with your diet.
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant...today i had light bleeding today brownish in colour after coming back from office..i am extremely tensed..is this a miscarriage or sign of misscarriage..i dont have any abdominal pain
Answer: Consult doc immediately.. dnt think it's miscarriage.. n take full bed rest.. hope u best
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