36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello main 35 weeks pregnant hu.kal mera color doppler usg hua usmein foetal wt-. 2340+/-350gms or FHR- 152BPM OR AFI- 8.19cms. is this normal

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Answer: yes its absolutely normal.
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Question: mera AFI 4cm aaya h USG mai color Doppler is normal utero-fetal-placental flow is normal ...mine EDD is 25th feb..plz suggest why to do next
Answer: If you have low levels of amniotic fluid during your first trimester and the early part of your second trimester, you may be more likely to experience miscarriage. Most cases of low amniotic fluid happen well into the third trimester, usually because your waters have broken. If your waters have broken early, you may go into premature labour. Doctors will weigh up the risks of this happening against the risk of infection if your baby stays in your womb. You may be given antibiotics to prevent infection affecting your baby. To keep you hydrated, you may also need extra fluids through a vein (intravenously), if your doctor has concerns. Once in labor, low amniotic fluid can cause labour complications. For example, your baby may be in a bottom-down (breech) position, and not have enough room to turn into a head-down position.
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