12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello madam. I got black line on my belly below naval point.i read that it is called linea nigra which is normal in pregnancy but now it is disappearing , is it normal or something to worry n visit dr

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Answer: Hi dear, Not all get this Linea nigra.usually it keeps getting darker as the pregnancy progresses.actual reason for this is unknown,but some believes it is related to the pregnancy hormones.but not to worry,if your scans are fine please donot rely on such physical symptoms.you also know that how nausea subsides in second trimester onwards.so it depends on each body.
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Question: I have pain on lower right side of stomach, below naval...it pain while changing sides, lifting right leg or when I stand up from bed. What could be the cause, is there something to worry.
Answer: It's normal to happen. It's because all the muscles are loose because of the hormones plus your body is trying to make space for the baby.
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Question: What is meaning of if we get one line dark and another line is very lite because in the month of February I got same thing one line dark and another line very lite but 😔 I had periods on 28th of February but after that till now no periods symptoms bit today morning I had checked pregnancy test one line Normal dark and another one is very lite wat to do for that
Answer: Hi, a very faint line means that you are pregnant in early stages.better to check after 3 days because after implantation body needs time to produce more beta hcg levels.if the test is positive a second time with thick and darker line , meaning your pregnancy is progressing.take care and all the best
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Question: My baby got her first teeth in the bottom..but it doesnt comes in a pair..she just got a single teeth..is that normal??
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear its completely normal same happens to my baby his teeth comes single so dont worry its normal as teething s a natural process give homepathic medicine calcaria phos too its hekoful in teething try it
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