11 months old baby

Hello maam my baby boy is 10months old he is becoming very thin can i give him dexorange syrup for weight gain because i used this syrup for my daughter wen she was 10months old plz suggest me should give dexorange syrup to my 10month old baby boy

Hi,as every child is difficult you should not give any medication without the consul of your dr.also Rey to change the baby s diet and include high protein rich diet Fruits Veges Milk products Cereals This will also help the baby
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    ruby syeda39 days ago

    Thank you maam

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Question: My daughter is 3years and 3 months old and she is very thin how can she gain weight
Answer: Dear couple of things which will help. You can start giving her junior proteinex to your daughter as I have been giving my daughter since she turned 2 years as it really helped in her growth and devlopment. I am also sharing a healthy diet plan which will help ur baby in gaining weight. Monday Breakfast: Cucumber (kheera) sandwich, Glass of milk Lunch: Tomato (tamatar) rice, Cauliflower (gobhi), Rasam, Curd Evening snack: Banana (kela) Dinner: Lamb's quarters (bathua) dal, Beans, Chapati Tuesday Breakfast: Wheat porridge (daliya) with raisins (kishmish) and walnuts (akhrot), Glass of milk Lunch: Chickpea (chhola) curry,Carrot (gajar) and pea (matar) sabzi, Rice, Curd Evening snack: Mango (aam) Dinner: Mushroom (kumbh) and paneer curry, Rice, Curd Wednesday Breakfast: Idli with sambhar, Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Lemon (nimbu) rice, Coconut (nariyal) and bean sabzi, Curd Evening snack: Orange (santara) Dinner: Brown lentil (masoor) dal, Pointed gourd (parwal) sabzi, Chapati, Pomegranate (anaar) raita Thursday Breakfast: Fenugreek (methi) paranthawith curd, Glass of milk Lunch: Vegetable pulao, Pineapple (annanas) raita Evening snack: Apple (seb) Dinner: Green banana (kachcha kela) kofta curry, Paneer and capsicum (shimla mirch) sabzi, Rice Friday Breakfast: Semolina (suji) upma with beans, carrots (gajar) and coconut (nariyal),Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Kidney beans (rajma), Okra (bhindi), Cumin (jeera) rice, Curd Evening snack: Guava (amrood) Dinner: Vegetable stew, Appam Saturday Breakfast: Moong dal cheela with curd, Glass of milk Lunch: Besan (gatta) curry, Round gourd (tinda) sabzi, Rice, Curd Evening snack: Pear (nashpati) Dinner: Potato (aloo) and pea (matar)curry, Pumpkin (sitaphal/kaddu) sabzi, Missi roti Sunday Breakfast: Poha, Glass of milk Lunch: Soya granules and potato (aloo) curry, Carrot (gajar) rice Evening snack: Grapes (angoor) Dinner: Vegetable khichdi, Cucumber (kheera) raita Hope this helps.
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Question: My daughter is 12 months...she is thin... Please give me tips to gain her weight
Answer: Dear you haven't mentioned her weight..it should be 10-13kgs Do not worry. Start ploybion l for her to increase apetite. Consult with your paediatrician about the dose it should be given once a day now and after 1.5 the dose will be increased. Also use more of potato recipes and sweet potato aswell as mashed paneer nd adding ghee pure cow milk ghee to all her meals. Take care. Do not worry.
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Question: my daughter is 7 months old her weight is 7.2kg and her birth weight was 3.5kg..is it okay or not because she looks very thin.. plz answer
Answer: Weight is just a number. If baby is active, eating well and achieving milestones than you should not worry about this. Weight, color, height is all genetic, we mom's really can't help on this.
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