31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello ma'm, i am 6th month pregnant and feel a lot of itching through out day and night. Its so bad that I cant even wear winter clothes. Wearing everything cotton . So, do feel cold also. I am applying bio oil, coconut oil , moisturizer. But nothing seems to work out. Please help me out with the solution. Thank you

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Question: Winter season started..can i use diaper at night..applying coconut oil before and after is better am i right??
Answer: hi yes it's good to apply coconut oil before and after making your baby change diaper. you can also use olive oil for this as olive oil has antibacterial properties which will help baby from getting infection and ans rashesh.
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Question: Hi everyone. I want to know is bio-oil useful or not. I am confused whether to go for it or not. Currently i use coconut oil and aelovera moisturizer and sometimes olive oil and aelovera moisturizer
Answer: Coconut oil is the best.. I used bio oil since starting but no such effect can be seen. Better go for coconut oil
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Question: My baby is 13 months now and she gets diaper rash frequently, I applying creams n coconut oil but applying Johnson baby powder seems to work better.. Is it safe applying powder in the perineal area?
Answer: Avoid powder as it makes skin dry. U can apply Mamaeearth diaper rash cream on affected areas. Definitely help you, 100%organic nd clinically safe.
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