38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello ma'am I m in 37th weeks, this days suddenly I have to get up from sleep I feel uneasy n can't breathe, I have to keep the lights on. Why this??

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Answer: Hello dear. In the last trimester of pregnancy, your growing baby pushes your uterus against your diaphragm. The diaphragm is moved up about 4 centimeters from its prepregnancy position. Your lungs are also somewhat compressed. This all means that you’re unable to take in as much air with each breath. Although each breath may bring in less air, the air stays in the lungs longer so you extract the oxygen you and your baby need.Your body also expands your blood volume during pregnancy to make sure your baby is also getting enough oxygen Try and relax dear.The more anxious you become about shallow breathing, the shallower your breathing will become. Listen to what your body is telling you and rest when you need a break. The feeling of breathlessness gets better as you approach delivery. As your baby descends in your pelvis, pressure on the diaphragm and lungs is somewhat relieved. Shortness of breath can be uncomfortable, but there are ways that you can breathe more comfortably. Make sure that you stand up straight with your shoulders back and your head lifted. Visualize a straight line connecting your sternum toward the sky to lift your chest. Aerobic exercise improves your breathing and lowers your pulse. Make sure that any program you begin is approved by your doctor. If you haven’t begun practicing already, now’s a good time to start prenatal yoga. Breathing is central to yoga practice, and the extra stretching can improve your posture and give you more room to breathe. Whatever form of exercise you choose, don’t overdo it! Listen to what your body is telling you. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello.. i m 10 weeks pregnant and i can't sleep well. I do feel sleepy but can't have proper sleep
Answer: Hi dear, Insomnia or lack of sleep could be due to hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy.but certain lifestyle habits could also contribute to it. Donot take any caffeine before sleep.usagw if mobile while sleeping would disturb the sleep as well.make a sleeping time and be regular to sleep at that time exercises can benefit in sleep too.do daily 30 min walk in morning.keep your room light dim.and remove all possible distractions from your room.
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Question: I m in 7th week and i feel to eat sour fruits but suddenly my teeth gets sensitive n i can't eat sour fruit. Why this happen?
Answer: Hello! During pregnancy, the teeth are sensitive due to the different hormonal changes. Make sure you maintain a good hygiene for the oral health and have a balanced diet to keep the teeth in good health. Take care
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Question: I m feeling uneasy high heart beat which I can hear. My husband get me out from room n ask to sleep in hall. How can I keep calm my self what to do for a healthy sleep.
Answer: Hi, Though increased heart is usually normal, it is best to adapt to certain lifestyle changes that will ensure good health for you and your baby. If the cause something serious, your doctor will also prescribe the course of treatment and precautions. Treatments... While there are many drugs that help with tachycardia, it is best not to use them while you are pregnant. Some of these medicines could hamper your baby’s development. Also, ensure you consult your doctor regarding this as well. Self-Help Remedies... Making sure that you are calm is one of the best remedies if you are experiencing a fast heartbeat during pregnancy. Drinking moderate amounts of chamomile tea or aromatherapy with lavender can go a long way in calming your emotions. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep with regular sleep patterns that remain undisturbed. Yoga and meditation are also options for you to explore but be sure to clarify with your doctor before trying anything.
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