39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello ma'am, I am 39week pregnant can u tell when my labour pain start. And what should I do for normal delivery and my labour pain start

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Question: i am 37 week pregnant. what should i do for natural start of labour pain?
Answer: Hello Dear Yu meet to be patient Your baby will come when he's ready, and some babies just like to take their time. But if an induction date is looming, you may feel like giving him a gentle nudge. Here are some of the alternative methods of bringing on labour. On the safety side, talk to your doctor at your next check-up before you try any of these methods. This is important if there are any complications in your pregnancy. *Eating spicy food *Eating pineapple *Nipple stimulation *Sex *Walking *uatting and mopping the floor *drinking warm milk with butter *eating any heat inducing food *eating methi ke laddu *having ghee in milk *having a bumpy ride *birthing ball exercises *climbing stairs *eating dates Take care
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Question: What exercises should I do for normal delivery? And when can I start them as my ninth month has started.
Answer: hi, you can start doing exercise from now. However, these all are supposed to be done under proper supervision. The exercises are Squats Butterfly bridge Also walk for 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening.
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Question: What should we do when labour pain is getting start?
Answer: Pain become one type after some time and increase slowly slowly. Not necessary bt some women feel her mucus plug which is color of red white or pink is released.
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