12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello, m 10 weeks pregnant , i had ambada chutney(kenaf leaf chutney) is it safe... please tell me

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Answer: Hi.. in pregnancy most of the women have carve for ambada chutney.. sometimes it’s ok to eat but eating chutney or spicy foods do not benefit your growing baby..so I suggest to avoid spicy or oily foods in pregnancy..
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    Pavan Kour1277 days ago

    It is homemade with low spice. So worried

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Question: Hello ! I'm 12 week pregnant. I had NT scan sonography and in this visible cervix length is 3cm . please tell me is it normal ??
Answer: Yes dear according to your nt scan your cervical length is normal. Is it is less than 2.5 cm than there is chance or preterm delivery . Take proper rest .
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Question: Is bay leaf water safe to drink during pregnancy to avoid sugar. Am 13 weeks pregnant
Answer: Dear I am not aware of this remedy though.bay leaf is otherwise safe.you can try having the water if that helps.avoid sugary and processed food items.
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Question: Hello can u please tell me is it safe to have drum sticks during my 12 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Please avoid food that may cause miscarriage like drumsticks coconut flaxseeds papaya pineapple and spicy foods that stimulate miscarriage
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