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Question: Hello..m 21 weeks pregnant. I am feeling pain in lower abdomen and pain down there while passing urine. Is this normal?

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Answer: yes dear. it's very much normal. it happens due to increasing size of the uterus. it is expanding and Creating pressure on the abdomen. drink loads and loads of liquid. either in the form of water, juices, milkshakes, coconut water, soups etc. go for a walk atleast for 20 mins in the morning. if the cramping becomes unbearable then rush to the doctor immediately.
Answer: Maybe due to round ligment pain take rest pain while urinating is bcoz of Utreus pressing the urinary bladder
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Question: Hello... m having lower abdomen pain during or after urine passing.. is this normal?
Answer: Yes....I think so.It might be due to the pressure the abdominal muscles getting then.Hopefully it vanishes after some time.
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Question: Hi i am 11-12 weeks pregnant. I am having pain in my lower abdomen especially while passing urine. Is it normal?
Answer: Hii dear lower abdomen pain is common. During pregnancy as it happens due to the stretching of round ligament . It stretch to give more space to ur utreus for baby . But if u have pain due to urine passing then it may be due to urine infection.in that case u should consult doctor as urine k faction is very common during pregnancy due to harmonal disbalance. U can have cranberry juice. It helps in reducing the infection as well maintain proper hygiene of private part. Keep it clean and dry. Use gentle soap for cleaning the area . Probiotics are available in supplement form or can be found in fermented foods, such as kefir, kimchi, kombucha and probiotic yogurt. Hope it helped... Take care urself...
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Question: Hello Dr. I am 22 weeks pregnant, and there is slight paining in lower abdomen is this normal?
Answer: Hello dear..Duringpregnancy ,body will undergo lot of harmonal changes, stomach or abdomen pain is normal ,because our body is travelling through a new phase,and your uterus is expanding and muscles are stretching Diet plays an important role in digestion process, so please follow below tips Eat at regular intervals Eat atleast six small meals will help the digestive system ,and also helps hunger Fiber rich food Intake of fruits like apples,prunes, figs,guava can be taken to releive constipation Stay hydrated It is essential to drink three litres of water daily, drinking water throughout the day in smaller quantity aids digestion Ginger tea Drink ginger tea after meals will reduce indigestion problem Avoid caffeine Don't drink coffee when you suffer from indigestion.. it will increase it Drink ajwan water Boil ajwan seeds in water, drink this water instead of normal water,it will cure indigestion effectively Avoid gas related foods Don't eat potato,starchy foods,soda,refined sugar because they cause indigestion Drink buttermilk with cumin seeds,ginger,coriander leaves .this is best remedy for indigestion Physical activity Engage yourself in physical activity after meals,mild walk can also be helpful If symptoms presist for longer periods,then consult doctor
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Question: I'll feel pain in my lower abdomen while passing urine...is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear. It's normal. As you are getting nearer to your labour, the pelvic muscles and ligaments are loosening in preparation for birth. So it's normal to experience this kind of pains. Drink plenty of water, eat well and take enough rest.
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