13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello..m 12 week pregnant..mera nt scan hua hai .usme low lying placenta aaya h..koi problem wali baat to nhi hai na? plz tell me..

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Answer: low lying placenta can move up during the course of pregnancy. You must avoid intercourse and report any case of bleeding to your doctor. In a rare case that placenta does not move up also,  chances of anything bad happening to the baby or mother is very less. Just be careful about episodes of bleeding and please do not have sexual intercourse till you are advised that it is safe to do so.
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Question: Hello Dr. Mera aaj nt scan hua h. Usme placenta low bta rha h.. Is it nrml.or nt
Answer: Yes it's normal. You should take rest. Don't workout don't do heavy lifting. Rest as much as possible
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Question: Mera scan Hua h usme placenta - anterior hai.. low lying grade 1.. iska kya mtlb h
Answer:  Low-lying placenta, or placenta praevia, is a complication of pregnancy where the placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. A low lying placenta, by itself, may not require any treatment. If it is early in your pregnancy, before the twentieth week, then there is a good chance that the placenta will shift into an upward position as your uterus expands. If the placenta stays at a low lying position but is not near enough to the cervix to be classified as placenta previa. However there are treatments to prevent the two most common complications of a low lying placenta: bleeding and pre-term labor. To prevent these problems some women are placed on bed rest or limited activity. Especially activities that result in bouncing or jarring of the lower abdomen need to be avoided. Similarly some women need to refrain from sexual intercourse, or the use of rectal suppositories or vaginal douches/suppositories. The degree of restriction depends on whether or not the woman is experiencing any vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor.
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Question: Mera scan hua aaj 15 week or low lying placenta hai eska koi risk to ni hai plz hlp me???
Answer: Hello! Low lying placenta generally ek complication during pregnancy. Isme doctors generally pura bed rest bolte hain aur koi bhi physical strain yah activity mana karte hain. Isme apna bahut khyal rakhna padta hain. Par tension mat lijiiye, 19-20 weeks mein placenta upar aa jata hain aur proper precautions lene se sab thik hi hota hain... Take care
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